Tuesday Cinema: Spirited Away

2018-04-17 19:00 - 2018-04-17 21:00
House Rules Cafe
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Spirited Away is one of the best unknown famous films produced by Studio Ghibli. Dubbed and released in the US by Walt Disney Pictures, it received very little marketing in the English-speaking world, but has become one of the great examples of feminist film-making and hero creation.

We recommend this for all kids, but especially for those who identify as girls or non-binary. Miyazaki created the protagonist, Chihiro, to be a hero for girls. In Miyazaki’s own words: “This movie is a story about a 10-year-old whose father and mother happened to eat something they shouldn’t have, and so became pigs. The movie appears to be satire, but that isn’t my purpose. I have five young female friends who are about the same age as Hiiragi-san*, and I spend every summer with them at my mountain cabin. I wanted to make a movie they could enjoy. That is why I started this film, and that is my true purpose.”