Dresden Files RPG Campaign

2018-02-24 14:00 - 2018-02-24 17:00
House Rules Cafe
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The Dresden Files, by Jim Butcher, is an entire universe of wizards, vampires, mobsters, werewolves, sorcerers, witches, and other mythical beings.

Living in Chicago.

And so begins our newest RPG campaign, set in the Dresden Files universe. Urban fantasy at its best! We have a limited number of spaces for this monthly event, though there will be room for folks to join on a session-by-session basis. Players must sign up and tell us whether they plan to be regulars, or occasional.

This uses the FATE system, created by Evil Hat Productions. If you have Fate Dice, feel free to bring them, but we will have all components necessary. We do recommend having a notebook and pen or pencil for note-taking and the recording of thoughts or suspicions.

THE DM IS LORD ALL HAIL THE DM. (Stephen Chast) He can be found on Twitter, or wandering around this page, if anyone has any questions.