New season, new menu!

With cooler weather and colorful leaves comes an almost visceral desire for warmth and comfort. That’s why we’re launching a new fall menu that will cater to both of those things!

Stop in to House Rules starting this Friday September 22nd to get a taste of our new menu. It’ll feature more of all the things that taste best in the fall – grilled cheeses, hot cocoas, mulled cider, soups – everything to make you feel all warm and satisfied in your big comfy sweater. That is, once we get out of these last few weeks of bluebird summer!

Some highlights off the new menu to whet your appetite:

Grilled Pizza: Our house-made tomato butter with Stracciatella (cream-soaked mozzarella) and fresh basil, sandwiched in a focaccia and grilled.

Golden Hot Cocoa: Cocoa with turmeric, honey, and black pepper in milk.

Mulled Cider: Heated and spiced to your desire.

Porridge: Overnight steel-cut oats with cream, dried fruit, and brown sugar.

For Vegans: A toasted couscous cake with roasted veggies.

But the menu isn’t the only thing changing around House Rules – soon we’ll be installing cushioned benches along one wall, so you can really get comfy while you eat and play. And, once the really cool weather hits, we’ll have a stockpile of blankets too!